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Startup Resources

StartupBizTalk  is all about making start-up and small business information convenient. We're not thinking competition, we're thinking RESOURCE PLATFORM.

Check out our resource list for other informational venues that can help your business.

Startup Resources

Startup Chile
A program by the Chilean government to attract early state entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile.

IP Law For Startups
Learn about trademark, copyright and patent law for entrepreneurs.

A Different Lawyer
Get legal information that can help your small business when it comes to employees and hiring issues, independent contractor agreements and violations, as well as resources for starting and growing a law firm.

StartUp Nation
More information about building a business.

Small Business Adminstration
Learn about anything adminstrative for your business (filing paperwork, certifications, registrations, loan criteria, exporting opportunities, etc).

Startup Weekend
If you're okay with starting a company with someone you've just met, join this 54 hour startup blast and launch your business.

Killer Startups
Learn about cool companies getting started everyday and learn from their examples.

Tech news and innovation to help your business.

Be Promotable
Online strategies for service-based entrepreneurs.

On Startups
Information for software startups.

Escape From Cubicle Nation
Information for aspiring entrepreneurs leaving corporate America to start their own business.

Business News.

Inc Magazine's online information platform for entrepreneurs.

Business Week
Small Business Blog for entrepreneurs.

The Watercooler for Entrepreneurs.

Information catering to entrepreneurs.Get general business news, entrepreneur interviews, international business information, etc.

The Unemployed Entrepreneur
Business information, budgeting tidbits, and street smarts for people in-between careers and business start-ups.

Legal Zoom
Get trademark, business incorporation and business filing help from a legal team online.

United Tech Guys
Tech Start-up? Get breaking tech news, see tech startups profiled, share your opinions here.

Small Biz Trends
Information for running a small business.

Entrepreneurial Ideas.

Working Naked
Great information for seasoned home-business owners or professionals wanting to start a home business.

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