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A Serial Entrepreneur Becomes A Millionaire From An Accidental Startup

Monis Rahman, serial entrepreneur, accidentally launched Rozee.pk when he needed to find more programmers for his startup.

Getting A Mentor

I had a strategy session with a business start-up owner a few months ago. She was six months into her start-up and needed some ideas during her development stage.

Simple Steps To Creating Your First Website

When you make that decision to start a business, you immediately become a multi-tasking maniac. Let's face it, you will have a lot of work on your hands.

Why 'Core Competency' Is Important To A Startup

Well, I like the answer that Norm Brodsky gives in his book, The Knack: "It was the one thing we had that our competitors couldn't offer, and by the time they caught up, we had a foothold in the market and were known for providing that service."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Serial Entrepreneur Becomes A Millionaire From An Accidental Startup

Monis Rahman, serial entrepreneur, accidentally launched Rozee.pk when he needed to find more programmers for his startup.

Having started a few other ventures in the past (one of them Edaycare.com that attracted $2.5 million from investors but later ran out of money), Rahman was in the middle of a social networking site startup (Naseeb.com ) that would be the Friendster for Muslims living in the United States and United Kingdom, when he stumbled upon the need for his current business.

He was in need of more programmers and support staff for his matchmaking site (Naseeb.com) and buying ads was getting to be too expensive. This is when he decided to build a job search website and name it Rozee.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Need Funding For A Startup With Global Appeal? Start Up In Chile

This article first posted to Forbes, where StartupBizTalk contributes. 

Chile wants to become the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latin America and they’re certainly moving forward to make this happen. In April, 110 startups were chosen and given one-year visas to Chile. The goal? Start an innovative business, with a global mindset, that will also help Chile.

What better way to help entrepreneurs hone in their creative juices? An exotic adventure coupled with creativity could just be innovation heaven. At least this is what Chile hopes for anyway.

Shonika Proctor, an entrepreneur who left America to live and work on a start-up in Chile, certainly thinks that it was an opportunity worth exploring. When I asked her why she decided to go to Chile, she answered candidly, “Chile chose me.” Her business partner had accidentally come across her, while googling a famous Proctor, and the conversation about joining Startup Chile started.

The Chilean government has made it easier for entrepreneurship to find its way to Chile. Startup Chile, a program of the Chilean government, was founded to “attract world-class early stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile.”

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why You Need A 'Tag-Phrase' With Your Business Logo

I was reading Nathaniel Broughton's post about branding and how it takes more than a dot.com. It made me think about logos and how it takes more than a logo to create a start-up brand.

Just recently, I was in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm driving through the city looking for a pharmacy, and I see a restaurant; right on the corner of South Wilmongton and Hargett, in downtown Raleigh.

I'm waiting at a red light, not really thinking about food, when I see the logo:

And underneath in italics: authentic Lebanese.

Hmm I think. I haven't had Lebanese food for a while, so I immediately pull over to find a meter.

Before pulling up, I was sitting at the light, and had no clue what this place was: a regular cafe, a fine dining restaurant? It wasn't until I saw the logo with the explanation (tagline), that I realized what they offered.

And I was the person they were trying to reach: I've had Lebanese cuisine before, I know that you can't get Lebanese food just anywhere, so I knew I had to stop and get a taste.

So with a full stomach and my North Carolina ah-ha moment in mind, I had my designer develop a logo (with a tagline) for StartupBizTalk, and for my new start-up.Within the next week, StartupBizTalk.com should have a newly developed header/logo with a tagline, and a newly designed site; with additional resources. (Stay tuned)

Think about it: the more people know about your business, the more likely they are to become supporters or clients. In order to get your start-up noticed, you'll have a ton of other stuff to get done: like building an online brand, marketing, sales, social media marketing, sales, etc.

You need a tag phrase because if a person is coming across your retail location, website, or business card for the first time, they immediately get a sense of what you do.

So if you could design your logo to help people understand your business better, why not? What do you think?

Cheryl Isaac is a personal business start-up strategist who contributes to Forbes here and blogs about Making Business Personal here.  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Your Small Business Could Become A Global Contractor

This post was first published on Forbes.
Just this week, I spoke to another global entrepreneur whose consulting firm was able to win a substantial contract with The World Bank, to train African graduates for public service jobs in finance.

In addition to continuing their other revenue-generating services, they were able to hire more contractors for their new project, and make more money. Win, win situation.
Small businesses and start-ups have often become suppliers and contractors in order to enhance their market share, and the global business economy recognizes this.

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