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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Start-up Tips From 'Start-Up BizTalk'

First I would like to start with a drum roll.....Introducing.....the launch of my new blog: Making Business Personal  I'll be blogging primarily from here so please hop on over and let's talk there too. (I would love to get your comments and feedback there, and I hope we learn a lot more about each other because I'll be intertwining the business and the personal there). 

For those of you who have just started following this blog, StartupBizTalk was my first blog. For three years, I've blogged here frequently--once or twice a week--but lately I'll admit I've slacked a bit. Partly because I've been working on this blog, and also this one. Since I've connected with startups here, met quite a few people through this blog, and was able to give great tips here, I don't plan on going anywhere. 

I plan to kick up things here shortly; maybe even get a blog revamp for this site. We'll see...

I'll also continue to post some great business start-up tips here on StartupBizTalk.  The posts will have business startup tips, and how-tos. They may be shorter, (with great links to eBooks or other good material) or they'll be longer with less frequency. I haven't decided on that yet. 

So with these thoughts racing through my head, I was going through the blog the other day and found some great tips in past blogs. (I also found some blog posts that made me wonder whether it was actually I who wrote it, or my junior high cousin--but we won't discuss that) 

Irregardless of whether it was written like a genius or school kid, these past posts have some tips in them that could help you. I hope you find something that can help your business. 

10 Posts From StartupBiztTalk to help you with your Start-up:

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