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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I"ll Teach You How To Start A Business With The Bare Minimum

Hello StartupBiz Talkers!

If it seems like I've been gone for a while, it's because I'm working on my new blog that will combine the business with the personal! (More details to come on that later)

In the meantime, I wanted to share a useful Ebook with you.

When I wrote my book, A Different Business, I outlined four steps to "Acknowledging Your Dreams." (Chapter 2) I wrote that section because I've found that once an aspiring entrepreneur acknowledges that his/her dream is worth pursuing, he/she immediately conquers a mental roadblock. It's as if you finally give yourself permission to own an idea, as if you finally can admit that you actually have talents worth pursuing.  (You can purchase the book from Amazon by clicking here: A Different Business on Amazon)

Once you've conquered that step, you then realize that starting a business does not have to be that complicated. (See my post on Women Entrepreneur regarding this topic here).

So this year, I've created a free ebook to help you maneuver through your business startup woes. The book is called:

And I also outline 6 Things to Avoid While You're Doing It.

Click here for the download: Bare Minimum Ebook

Running a business is hard work as it is. Why complicate the startup process?  I have other great Ebooks in store for you that I'll mention later. For now, read and enjoy! And please stop by the business community to say hello! (www.adifferentbusiness.com)

Cheryl Isaac is a business start-up strategist to service businesses going online. She contributes to Forbes here and blogs about Making Business Personal here.  

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