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Thursday, August 25, 2011

5 Things To Know About The Current State of Startups

So the start-up world is constantly evolving. And it's time you kept up with it.

For you start-up founders so in love with your small business that you can't get your nose out its you-know-what, here are some things you might want to know about the world outside of your love affair (we dig your love affair by the way):

Investors still want in on your startup action. Y-Combinator's latest startup event was proof. 63 startups pitched for two minutes each, to a room of investors! What does this mean? In case you're not aware, Y Combinator is an incubator that gives seed funding to startups. Seed funding is what pays your expenses while you continue to work on developing your product and brand. Twice a year, the incubator has a bragging day--where they introduce their startups to potential investors. 

This year, their demo day included 63 companies; although the incubator usually hosts about 40 companies for these events. So what's cooking? I'm sure we'll be hearing more soon; but any news of hiked investor interest in startups, is good news.

Check out the companies that pitched: Y Combinator Demo Day.

Start-Up America: what is it and how is it doing?  Startup America is a movement that was launched as a result of countless meetings between President Obama and entrepreneurs (I'm sure most of you can remember when Twitter's co-founders were all excited about going to the White House). The initiative kicked off with different programs and events catering to startups. 

Eight months in and you're wondering how the program is faring? No, sorry that was an understatement. You're wondering how it can help YOUR startup. Here's a great Startup America update for you.  

There is still startup optimism. If you don't believe me, hear it from this global entrepreneur and founder of The Founder Institute; startups will come out ahead. 

Social Media for your small business start-up. Now this is an ever-changing industry that baffles most small business owners. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but it's not getting any better; for social media introverts that is.

If you thought that getting on Facebook for business was new territory, or that testing out Twitter was a little difficult at first, be aware that Google + is here to stay. While some call it just another version of Facebook, with its model built around interaction and online hangout, Google + SEO may affect how your business' website gets found on Facebook. Learn about how your business can get started on G + by taking the tour to get acquainted with how it works.

Free Facebook Custom Tabs. Tech geeks salivating yet? This one is a brand new application created by startups for startups. If you need to design an experience on your Facebook business page, GOSO has made it easy for you to do it FREE of charge. So you html geeks, read about how to easily create a custom tab for your Facebook fan page

The state of food startups. Food startups continue to be a hugely underrated part of the startup industry, so I applaud 500 Startups for their recent event. The New Food Chain: Investing in Food Startups was an event hosted to bring together food startups and investors to explore the new trends in food apps. You gotta admit, food and healthier choices is a big deal these days (numbers don't lie). So click here to get all the details about what unfolded at this event. 

Your thoughts: Anything else that we could add to the list? Look out for similar posts soon. And if you like what you see, don't forget to subscribe to StartupBizTalk below. 

Cheryl Isaac is a business strategist and entrepreneur who has been in love with startups and their idiosyncrasies for years. She is a former investment and small business banker who believes in making business personal, an author, international business contributor to Forbes, and the founder of StartupBizTalk. You can find her here on Twitter and Facebook. 


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