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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marketing Can Be As Simple As...

What exactly do you want your marketing to do for you?
This month I helped a friend work on the marketing strategy for his marketing campaign (a 3-month campaign set to start in the summer).

Over lunch, we created the strategy, conferenced his web advisor and graphics consultant, emailed his ad campaign specialist, talked to his exhibit company (you know the ones who decorate the table for an exhibition, expo or showroom), and met his PR person for dessert.

While meeting with all these people, I decided to phone a friend--an online marketing genius whom I hardly get to talk to because he's so busy traveling to speak on the topic.

"Any advice you can give us, dear wise one?" I asked jokingly.

Then he said it. It was as simple as day but it helped a lot with everything. (And he admitted that he got these tips from a book written by his colleague).

Here's a recap:

  • Know exactly what you want your marketing to do by learning your business goals. Don't say I want more customers or something like that...blah...blah...find out how you want the customers. For instance, you could be trying to build your tourist business. If that's the goal, you want potential customers to visit your website, and sign up for one of your tourist packages. Now that's a specific goal.  
  • Find out what is the exact next step you want people to take after seeing your marketing. Again, don't think: "I want them to buy my products." Wrong! Think how. Most people won't just see you and run to buy from you, so how do you ease their minds? For example, if you own a company that develops applications for Ipad, your first step may be that you want people to test-drive the sample app. Now that's a specific marketing goal. 
  • You want to also have a marketing bait. When fishermen go fishing, they lure the fish with a bait. What bait can you use to lure people to take the marketing step you've planned? Another example: if you visit GoToMeeting.com, part of their bait is their demo. If you go to ConstantContact.com, part of their bait is their free trial. Again, you want a specific goal.  
Don't get caught up in a few different things. Find one way to draw customers, and then use that way to develop them into paying customers. After you've found a way to lure potential customers, you then make them paying customers by using your sales strategy.  

But first you must get them interested.

Cheryl Isaac is a personal business strategist to startups who require employees, office space, and online marketing strategies.  She contributes to Forbes here and blogs about Making Business Personal here.  To turn your start-up into an operational business, please contact her for a  strategy session here


Great post with some even better ideas. And I loved it how you used an example for everything - it so much easier to follow and understand. Keep up the good work.

Thanks! Glad you found it useful.

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