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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Business Planning Tip Of the Week

Forget about the status quo! Get a plan that can help YOU move forward. A great way to business planning is starting small and then figuring out what you really need as you go along. 

Don't let someone put you through an excruciating class where they try to test your ability to create financial statements when they themselves can't even complete a business plan. I sat in a class like that as a test once, and it was a joke. Here was someone who was an employee, had never written a business plan or owned a business, trying to make other people miserable. Truth is, not everyone can be an editor of a book or magazine. Yet, almost anyone can write a book. Same goes here, not everyone can write a professional business plan--but everyone can plan in a way that suits them. 

I don't know about you but I'm sick of the formalities. If you need some money, then yes, perhaps you should conform your business plan to what your funder asks (although I wish more funders would stop having people concentrate so much on the formalities that they forget to present or focus on the business). A banker, investor or venture capitalist will ask for specific business planning materials. You need to give it to them and learn about what they require.

However, don't just assume that everyone wants to view a COMPLICATED plan. In fact, most people pretend like they understand it, but they don't. I had someone once consult with me because he wanted to invest some money into a business and he had asked the startup entrepreneur for a business plan. He had gotten the specifics, but didn't understand the plan. Now he wanted to meet with me so I could walk him through each page. The answers he wanted from this service-based business, could have been presented to him in a much simpler fashion. Yet, he made this entrepreneur fret over this business plan so much, that it seemed as if a robot wrote the 35-page plan.

I feel so strongly about this topic, that I'm writing an Ebook on it. I'll keep you updated. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Release Your Business Inhibitions With My New Book

Have you ever received some sort of unexpected motivation from a popular song? I have. While writing my new book, I heard the lyrics to a song and thought, "Ah-Ha!" That was the theme I wanted to portray throughout the book--release your business inhibition.

Go For It! Why not? Who knows you better than yourself and why let the people who don't matter make you feel insecure when the real people who DO matter need your help?

I'm excited because the book is out you guys! You can release your business inhibition and start your dream business by using my book as your guide. It's available on Amazon by clicking here: A Different Business book on Amazon. You can also get more information about the book and view an excerpt by clicking here: "A Different Business Book" Info.

Here are the lyrics to the song. I hope it motivates you:

"Reaching for something in the distance...so close that you can almost taste it, release your inhibition. Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in, no one else...no one else can speak the words on your lips, live your life with arms wide open...the rest is still unwritten..."

Can you almost taste your business dream? Thanks to all of you who have supported me in this venture. If you would like to receive a review copy, please contact us here with an estimated review date and info on your blog. We would be honored to send you a copy.

Find out how much fun we had at the launch party by visiting the Facebook Page and clicking on the magic "like" button on the top of the page here: A Different Business on Facebook.

Cheers from my Business To Yours!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Can Build A Plan Around Anything

I had an interesting conversation with someone today about business planning. Months ago when I realized just how skeptical this person was about business planning, I asked them to volunteer and be my "guinea pig" and I would help them develop a mini-plan for their new program. My suggestion was, "be open to this, watch and see what happens."

Today, we went over our "experiment." Let me just give you the results this way: this person has given their employer a two-month notice, has obtained a contract with a local organization, has five new clients, owns a "mobile" office, and by next month, will be getting paid more than their current salary. All this because of a mini-plan.

You can develop a plan around anything. So what was in this "mini-plan?"
  • Two short-term objectives and one long-term objective
  • A summary of the new idea (the same way it would be described in person) and written in  Presentation Style
  • A page for how this new program would operate, who would be involved and a Strategy for Implementation
  • A quick snapshot of the Target Market, short-term Marketing Strategy, how similarly situated companies were operating and a Strategy for how this person was going to be unique with this new concept
  • A summary of what this person wanted to sell, for how much, how many per week and month and a Strategy for reaching this goal
  • A summary of ongoing expenses involved
The catch was this; this person had to focus on this plan for a couple of months. The summary of the idea had to be rehearsed frequently. This person had to know this plan like it was "the back of their hand." They had to study it in order to explain it correctly to potential partners and clients.

What good did that do? Well, it helped this person remember the number of products they needed to sell each month. It helped them to focus on their target market. It helped them to follow their marketing plan and utilize their sales strategy. It helped them to remember how to talk about their business to others. It helped them to figure out how much products they would need to sell consistently on a monthly basis, in order to quit their full-time job. It helped them to have a strategy that they could stick with (for the short-term).

I'm so hyped about this experiment that I'm currently developing a program around it. It's a practice I've done with a few clients behind the scenes and it has been proven to work well. The takeaway lesson is that you can develop a plan around ANYTHING, and if you keep it SIMPLE and let it have your complete FOCUS and effort, you can achieve your dream goal in the short-term, and develop it into a viable long-term business.

Do you want to create a similar version to this plan on your own? View my YouTube Video on simple business planning by clicking here.

What steps are you taking to achieve YOUR dream?

Cheryl Isaac is the author of the book, A Different Business; 7 Easy Steps to Starting & Planning A Business Around Your Purpose. Cheryl is A Dream Planner who helps people plan for business through her business club; "A Different Business." Visit her website and sign up to move your idea from dream to reality http://www.adifferentbusiness.com/

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