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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why Artists Can Be Great Candidates for Product-Based Start-ups

A unique business product usually includes a tour of the patent process. If you want to see your product on the shelves  of WalMart, Macy's, or some other big department store or retailer, you want to protect it. Besides wanting to protect your invention, you also want to ensure that you're not infringing upon someone else's patent or trademark rights. An initial sweep of the United States Patent & Trademark Office will help you during your brainstorming process. 

If you're an artist or some sort of creative genius, you could be a great candidate for a product based start-up. The first reason is that you are creative. You can envision your product and draft a sketch of the image on paper or in some computerized dimensional format. Secondly, you can develop a  prototype faster and more efficiently than the average person. You have right brain abilities that most wish they had.

A prototype is the model on which your product will be based or designed. So I'm sure you can assume how important it will be to have a great prototype to show to your patent attorney, patent agent, manufacturer, potential partner, etc.

Tamara Monosoff, Author of Mom's Inventor Handbook, says that developing a prototype by hand is the easiest route to take. If you are an artistic inventor, this advice is a game being played right in your ballpark. Monosoff says, "while it may seem easier to hire a professional, developing your own prototype can be a cost-efficient first step that can help to better articulate your vision to a professional." She also warns to have one before interviewing patent attorneys.

Artists tell me all the time how the business development part of business ownership bores them. I hear all the time that they'll much rather concentrate on the craft. The creativity. The design. The exploratory aspect. 

Well, I'm telling you now--you have an advantage if you are inventing a product. Start with what you know best.

Cheryl Isaac is a business planner who helps make business planning simple for new businesses and small businesses starting something new in business. She is the author of the book, A Different Business.


Hi Cheryl,

Great post! Thanks for including me and The Mom Inventors Handbook in your blog post.

Warmest wishes,

Tamara Monosoff

Hi Tamara,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm a big fan of the education you provide. Appreciate the compliment!

Kind Regards,


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