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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Be Creative; 3 Quick Tips to help you ReModel your Small Business in 2010

Admittedly, 2009 has been a tough year for small business. Start-up businesses have experienced their share of the burden as well. So how do you get your new start-up business revitalized for 2010? Simple: revamp your business model. If you're opposed to change so much that you haven't considered changing the way you do anything, you are at a disadvantage. We are in a changing and different society; in case you haven't noticed. The key is to keep your vision, but try to change the way you work towards accomplishing that vision.

Here are three quick tips to help you in your strategy session:

Quit being stingy with information. Too many business owners I run across continue to do this. If you know something that puts you a step ahead of the average person, share it freely. Don't worry about giving away your knowledge to a thief or competitor; just do it (besides, they're not a worthy competitor anyway if they had to steal your ideas). Here's the thing: just because you tell people how to do something, doesn't mean that they can do it as good as you, or that they will even do it. One thing that they will do though is appreciate you and your knowledge, or they may even refer business to you based on the information you gave. It shows that you are efficient at what you do. Give freely first. For instance, don't come out with your first e-book and a huge price tag. I stare in astonishment at so many $20 eBooks when books retail for less and as much as I'm a reader, I ignore them. Blog first on the topic; give me an idea of your writing style and knowledge, let me gravitate to you and then hit me with the price tag. Otherwise if you don't have a business centered around your topic, you don't blog, or better yet, you blog about sneakers all year and then have an eBook on sale about business credit, I may consider you an "info-fake." Most people want to learn, not be bamboozled. So start sharing what you know freely because in the end, you only help your business.

Create some form of paid-for education that surrounds your expertise. I've been making this transition myself and I've also helped my hubby revamp his law firm's business model to do the same in 2010. (I'll be updating you soon regarding these changes). We are in such an informational and quick-service age that as business owners, we need to reform our businesses to fit this age. Let go of the old saying that goes something like this, Well maybe that person couldn't be helped anyway or they're not my kind of client. I'm not saying that we can help everyone, but perhaps we could be more realistic and flexible. If someone cannot afford your training program for speakers, maybe they can afford a $30 DVD on how to prepare an efficient speech. Or you could start a workshop series. They could possibly start there and someday be ready to go through your extensive program. Perhaps they were not the "ideal" client for your training program but it should not necessarily exclude them from being a client.

Create some form of excitement for clients or potential clients. Think about ways to make someone excited enough to purchase your service. Your 2010 strategy should center around this theme. For me, I learned that hosting client appreciation events not only motivated my startup clients, but encouraged and inspired aspiring entrepreneurs to sign up with me. I also focused some efforts on starting a business club that will premiere online also in 2010. My mini business club events are usually social excitements that I can count on to produce business calls afterwards. You can also use Mercedes' example. When Mercedes wants to sell new models, they first send out private invitations for days with pictures of the cars and a particular date. Then, when potential clients walk in they wow them with food, drinks, balloons, excited sales people, and private escorts to any car that you may want to test drive. Although you're spending your hard-earned money, you feel excited at the possibility. Would you have walked in on your own to look at the car? Probably, but there's a high probability that you would not have.

I hope wish these tips help you in your quest to structure a better business in 2010. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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