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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"How I Built my Multi-Million Dollar Business"

by Cheryl Isaac

I attended a Small Biz Success Expo in Dayton Ohio on October 23rd and this was the name of the panel discussion--"How I built my multi-million dollar business." The panelists were Michael Schuh of Michael's Salon and Spa and Marty Grunder of Grunder Landscaping.

There were a few success tips I took from this discussion.
  • Michael Schuh cautioned the audience to "learn how to care." His discussion centered around finding out what your customers want or need and delivering it, learning how to retain clients.
  • Marty Grunder talked about "finding the little things and doing them over and over again." You know, those things that you do better than others that compete with you. His tip was to figure out those things and continue doing it. Find your brand, your competitive advantage, your value statement--the simple things that make you different.
  • Both men advised to seek out the best in your industry and ask for advice.
Marty Grunder's message and his style of connecting with his audience really stuck with me and so I hung around to talk to him after the event and to buy his book. After learning about what I did, he offered me his book for FREE and urged me to "help Dayton businesses." Wow! He gave me his book free and then asked me to help other businesses? As a young entrepreneur, certain admonishments from established entrepreneurs tend to stay with me. Those words have resonated with me these last few days and will stay with me; particularly because being from Columbus, I have toyed with the idea of really marketing my services to Dayton.
My husband is from Dayton and he has a satellite law office in Dayton. We're often in Dayton to visit his parents and so I have closely followed trends in the city. Dayton's economy has taken a beating and the city has been "written off" by some analysts. These statistics have stirred up something in me that wants to help in whatever small way I can. To me, economic empowerment is best achieved through one main route--small business ownership. Yet, my thought has been, "will Dayton embrace what I do?" I will keep you tuned as I discover the answer to this question in the near future.
Marty Grunder's book is entitled, The 9 Super Simple Steps to Entrepreneurial Success. On the back cover are the words "You're 9 Steps away from the business of your dreams!" (I have a list of books to read so I have not started on this book yet but I'll let you know how it turns out). To learn more about Marty Grunder, you can visit his websites at http://www.martygrunder.com/ and http://www.grunderlandscaping.com/
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Hi Cheryl,

I live in Dayton! and yes your services would be needed here--looks like you work with people for a while during their business process and that's what folks need.
I work for a hospital here and I might want to start my home health care agency soon so I'll be contacting you.

P/S I just saw something with the Grunder Landscaping name on it.

I heard Marty speak before. His story about how he started his business made me realize that I didn't have to be the smartest guy on earth to figure this business thing out.

Hi Cheryl,

I saw your article on women entrepreneur and read your blog. Thanks for relaying what the speakers said. I wish I could have been there to take some notes. I will check out the book.

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