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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Peach Advice: Getting To Do The 'Thing' That Keeps You Up At Night

There's a simple saying that rings true: eat a lot of peaches and soon you'll become a peach. 
We'll refer to it as the peach advice.
I don't have to describe just how disconcerting it can be to have the yearning to do something so bad, that it keeps you up at night.  Then it starts to follow you during the day. But despite the deep yearning, there are still so many things that stop you from chasing this goal: family, money, work, insecurity, etc.
At least that's what we tell ourselves anyway--that these are our hindering blocks. 
Yet if we were to mull this over--this fascination with keeping our dreams on a pedestal to be gazed at from afar--our past experiences step up to show us that with every dream we've successfully pursued, we've done so because we took what we saw then as insignificant steps. 
The 'Insignificant'  Steps That Lead To Dream Fulfillment:
Confession:  Since I didn't have this post in Word format and Blogger won't allow me to copy and paste it in the right format, please click here to read more.  
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