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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turn on your TV--Online!

Every week I tune in to these online channels that provide a wealth of information for small business; and I wanted to share their resources with you. As a start-up or aspiring entrepreneur, business education is vital to your success. These two websites understand that small business owners don't have the time to tune in to regular TV, and that when they do, there are few channels dedicated to small business.

Here are two internet-based educational formats that will help you learn more about business, and keep you tuned in with other entrepreneurs:
  1. SBTV.com (Small Business Television) : Consider SBTV to be television made with small business in mind; only difference is that it operates solely online. You can expect to find daily news, success stories from other entrepreneurs, information on SBA trends, and education for your small business.
  2. YourBusinessatMSNBC.com: A new feature of MSNBC, this online video podcast formatted site provides information for start-ups and small business owners. They also host a Sunday show that features success stories and experts from various entrepreneurial backgrounds. They also travel to the site of small businesses and report their stories.

About the Author: Cheryl Isaac is a Startup Business Planner & Owner of Isaac Business Services, The Business Startup Company. She is also the creator of The 12MonthBizPlan.com; an online business planning center where business owners can work with a personal advisor; for up to a year, to plan their new business plan


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